4 Types of Furniture Materials you Should Choose for your Garden

Garden furniture can change your garden into an outdoor living room. You can enjoy dining outside or simply gossiping with your family and friends. Here are four types of furniture material you should choose for your garden.


Wooden garden furniture


Wooden furniture will fit the traditional gardens. Thees furniture is designed for the strength and durability.Wood doesn’t retain heat. So, it won’t get too hot on summer days. It needs very low maintenance. You only need to do maintenance work once a year to protect the furniture against water damage and warping.

Rattan-effect furniture

This type of furniture is very popular. This furniture is made from woven strands of coated plastic. It provides a traditional look. There is no risk of damp or damage. It is weather resistant and easy to clean. Little maintenance is required for this type of furniture.

Metal garden furniture

You can find metal furniture in various designs and styles. Both traditional and modern designs are available. The material is durable needs little maintenance. Folded designs are also available.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic is an affordable furniture. It is very hard to damage and lightweight. It is a good choice for families. The furniture is weather resistant. But it can warp if exposed to the sun for a longer time.

Furniture in the garden makes the garden more functional. You can have parties or afternoon snack here. You can sit and relax while your children run around the garden.


5 Reasons you Should Hire a Professional Garden Designer for your Garden

Besides the interior of your home, you should consider the exterior also. The exterior of your house can make your home look more beautiful. If you are seriously considering giving your outdoor space some good look, you should hire a professional garden designer. Here are the reasons why.

Get professional service

If you hire a professional gardener, you will get a very good quality work. They are experts in their field and know a lot of things about it. By hiring them, you will get a realistic insight into your project.

Saves time

If you are busy, then it’s hard for you to give time for your landscaping. If you don’t have knowledge of the landscape, then it will be difficult for you to complete the work. When you hire a gardener all you should do just watch your garden turn out to be beautiful and just the way you wanted.

Buying materials

You will need lots of materials for your landscape. You can think of the design you like, but you might not have the right space to have it or the right materials needed. By hiring a landscaper, you can get rid of all your worries.

Getting the right plants

A professional gardener will be able to tell you which plants will be right for you. They have extensive knowledge in this area. They will take into account the aesthetic beauty of the plants and know whether these plants are suitable to be grown in your soil.

Fewer problems will be encountered

You will have fewer problems in gardening when you hire an expert. The expert knows his or her job well and will be able to do the work perfectly without any major mistakes.

Experts can give you advice on garden maintenance and other issues. If you do some research, you can find good experts at a reasonable rate. If you want to have a perfect garden, you should hire a professional garden designer.

5 Affordable Garden Design Ideas

Many people think that designing a garden can be expensive. But this is not true. You can design your garden on a budget as well. Here are some fantastic tips to help you.

1 Shape up

It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform your garden. You can cut the lawn into some defined shape, like a circle, oblong or square. You can mark it out with string and cut out the extra grass.

2. Plant

You can fill your flower beds with great looking plants. You should buy perennials that you can divide. You can choose geums, hardy geraniums, astrantia, etc. You should plant more than six geranium plants for in an average sized garden.

3. Look up

Trees are very cheap. You can plant small trees like Juneberry, ornamental cherry, etc. They don’t cost much and are widely available. You can plant three in an average sized garden.

4. Consider your paths and patios

Paths and patios are more affordable surface than paving. You should first mark out the area, scrape away loose soil, scrape away any weed and spread the gravel over it. A depth of 2.5 cm would be fine. The color you choose for the gravel should be light, like Honey Stone.

5. Light up

Outdoor fairy lights are a cheap way to make your garden look beautiful. You can bring a lovely glow to the patio and beyond by lighting up the garden. You can arrange the lighting through shrub branches, and attach them to fences.

All these ideas are very easy to implement. It won’t cost you much either. You can try these ideas in your garden and transform it into something that everyone will appreciate.