Hi! I’m Liana. Welcome to my blog!

I am a garden designer. I have spent my childhood mostly outdoors. I have beautiful memories of spending time in the garden, parks and other places. That memory has chased me all these years. I became inspired to transform the ‘backyard’ into a garden. I wanted to make it a place where I can be close to nature and relax. Once I started working in my garden, I realized that there are lots of interesting things that can be done to the garden.

I have taken a formal course on gardening, and now I have my own business. I help my clients turn their dream garden into reality. I cannot describe how wonderful it feels the moment the garden design comes together to life. I love to see the smile on the face of my clients when they see their new garden.

In this blog, I share the things that inspire me about the garden. I discuss some of my projects with my audience so that they can get ideas for their garden. I give advice on my forum as well. If you want to have your dream garden, then read my blog!