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4 Basic Tips For Healthy Living

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Most people want to age gracefully. This is the main reason that most of us seek to live a healthy lifestyle. In order to have a healthy way of living, it is pertinent that we follow some good health tips such as regular exercise, healthy diet, and enough rest. It is also essential to get rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Good health requires a lot of sacrifices but rest assured that the rewards are great. Below are a few health tips that must be considered to living in a healthy way:

Drink Enough Water

As you know, the human body can survive without food for days but it cannot survive without water in three days. Even a day without water makes you really weak and dehydrated. In fact, the human body is composed of 75% water and it is just right to have it hydrated on a daily basis by drinking lots of water throughout the day. A glass of water every after the meal is a healthy habit. Maintain a healthy and balanced meal plan. Your body needs essential nutrients to have a strong defense system against unwanted illness such as cancer. And the same nutrients are needed to gain enough energy that you need to survive throughout the day. Choose healthy foods over junk foods. A healthy and balanced diet is the most ideal as you are able to get most of the essential nutrients .What then should your family eat based on health plan?

Eat Plenty of Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are almost complete with the nutrients that we need for our body to be strong and properly nourished. These food choices will help in promoting a healthy life, but sometimes sticking to a healthy meal plan usually fails. Hence, the best thing to avoid drop-out from such meal plan is to include foods that you like to eat, but are considered healthy. Just like a vegetable that is offered to be eaten in lots of ways, as well as the fruits that can be served in various ways.

Eat Plenty of Fibre

The richest source of fiber in our diet are fruits; thus, fruits should be incorporated in our diet. May you be asking for the importance of fiber in our diet? Well, fiber aids in proper digestion. And if there is proper digestion, toxins will be excreted from our body, which means that the person is taking the first step away from illnesses and various diseases. Also, if there is proper digestion, the nutrients from the food eaten shall be appropriately utilized by every living cell in our bodies.

Exercise Regularly

Apart from the dieting individual should also do regular exercise. Exercise is undeniably the best means to avoiding illnesses concerning the heart. So it is highly advised that an individual always makes it a point to set aside ample time to perform exercises, as long as you are keeping your heart pumping to keep the heart muscles strong and healthy.Sleep of at least 8 hours every day. When you are sleeping, your body is reserving more energy for another day. So start investing in a good sleep.

Fashion Choices That May Harm Your Health

According to growing body of research, fashion, though fun, can take a toll on your health. Curious to see what health hazard you may be hoarding in your wardrobe? Read on:

High Heels

Health experts, especially bone experts, believe high heels adjust or alter the natural position of the feet and ankles thereby causing a “chain of reactions” that can cause ankle injuries and eventually damage the spine. The higher the heels, the higher the chances of developing ankle injuries and spinal complications. However, several study results indicate that wearing high heels less often is likely to prevent these kinds of injuries.

Skinny Jeans

Tight pants are not only a current trend among women, but among men as well. In spite of their popularity, tight pants may not be worth your money after all. The Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry recently published a troubling case where a 35-year-old lady was rushed to the emergency room after her ankles and toes went completely numb while wearing a pair of highly fashionable skinny jeans.

The woman’s ankles and toes were so swollen by the time she arrived at the emergency room that the medics had to use scissors to peel off her jeans. The other parts of her legs, including the hips and knees were working well, published the journal.

But it appears the perils of wearing tight pants have not been recently noted. According to the Wall Street Journal, an internists known as Dr. Octavio Bessa had already detected a relationship between tight pants and abdominal discomfort in men way back in 1993. He had consequently come up with the term “tight pants syndrome” and concluded that people should wear more comfortable pants. So, if you are a fan of tight jeans, you might want to go easy on them.


The Kardashians absolutely adore corsets and have consequently influenced thousands of women into the art of waist training using corsets. Waist training basically means squeezing a plump waist into submission using a corset. While there is still no factual evidence of the effectiveness of the process, the number of women purchasing corsets continues to grow by the day.

Wearing a corset can be a painful experience and can make breathing a difficult process. But that’s not all, according to some health experts; corsets could possibly cause serious damage to the ribs and other internal organs. So, if you simply can’t stay way from corsets, maybe it’s high time you sought the opinion of your health provider.

Neck Ties

Lately, some health experts have been suggesting that wearing tight neck ties could elevate intracranial pressure. Increased or elevated intracranial happens when the pressure around the brain rises. In spite of this, the small body of evidence available shows that the levels of intracranial pressure raised by tight neck ties remains within safe range. Tight neck ties could also cause ocular hypertension or elevated blood pressure in the eyes.

While a couple of study results don’t automatically make tight-fitting ties a contributing factor to serious health problems, it is still wise for those who don them regularly to go slow on them. Therefore, if you are a chauffer, a real estate agent, an attorney, or you are in any other career that calls for you to dress elegantly most of the time, you might want to give yourself some breathing space.

5 Smart Beverage Alternatives to Soda

People nowadays have become accustomed to having instant access and quick results all the time. No-cook noodles in cups, canned food, fast processors and quick data downloads are just some of the things anyone aims for and can get quite instantly. We somehow lost our virtue of patience, perhaps due to the fast-paced environment, yet have developed a tendency to overvalue time.

Most of us have become solely dependent on large corporations and factories to set dinners on our tables and worse, feed our children with “awesome treats” infused with those harmful and toxic chemicals.

The best example of this is our favorite regular soda filled with, in no particular order, caffeine, carbonated water, food acids, fructose corn syrup, preservatives, sodium citrate and sweeteners such as sucralose.

While this is a quick fix to quench your thirst, let’s keep ourselves away from these chemicals and practice these healthy and easy alternatives.

Infused Water Recipes


This is one of the most basic yet classy ways in getting a healthier drink. Whether you are preparing a family snack or entertaining guests, this simple recipe just seems chic. Instead of spending that dollar for a small can of soda, why not get a whole fruit which can last 2-3 days in your fridge?

Cut your fruit into two. Simply slice the first half into thin slices and keep the other half of the fruit in the fridge sealed with plastic wrap or in an airtight container for another day’s use. Better yet, you can munch on that other half for an added dose of antioxidants and vitamins.
Throw in the thinly sliced fruit of your liking into a cold pitcher of water. Stir it a bit to release the zest all throughout and it is ready to serve. Tip: the longer the water is infused, the healthier it becomes.

Warm or Iced Tea


Therapeutic as it seems, but isn’t it nice just to sit in a quiet corner and sip some of that aromatic tea?

Tea is low in calories, high in antioxidants and very relaxing.

Sparkling Water


Nothing beats refreshing ice-cold water on a hot, humid day. This is almost free, has no calories, and helps you detoxify. Recent studies also show that cold water aids in weight loss faster.


Another way to gain nutritious refreshments is by making smoothies with milk or other bases, and partner them up with your preferred fruits/vegetables.

Fruit-and-Vegetable Juice Drink


Creating a mix of fruits and vegetables into a juice drink is one of the best and simplest ways to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals.

Keep in mind that you can always throw in a piece or two of your most hated yet scrumptiously nutritious vegetable.  Let the fruit flavor mask any unfavorable taste. This way, your body is finally able to get the fiber and nutrients you have been avoiding for years.

Try this mix. Soon, you might realize that some vegetables are not so bad.


5 Habits to Keep Skin Healthy at Any Age

Most of the people I know, including myself at times, do not want to hear that we are aging. We simply just won’t admit so, at least not that easily. Moreover, with aging, come those lines and spots we are not ready to see yet. We have our fair share of good-skin days and unfortunately, of days when our skin fails to glow at its best, too.

This can happen to anyone thus let me list down five easy steps to follow for your next best skin ever.

If you cannot hide from the sun, better protect yourself from it!

The sun can potentially be harmful to the skin. While it is a good source of Vitamin D, unprotected exposure from the sun can cause more damage than good. This can trigger the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other skin issues we never really want to talk about, or worst, skin cancer.

Invest in some products that gives you a screen protection factor (SPF) higher than 15, and use it regularly – not just in the summer.

If you eat junk food, start eating healthy!

We cannot always, solely blame our skin on the food that we eat. However, going for healthier options promotes better skin condition. Simply put, feed your tummy right and your skin get nourished, too.

Include this in your diet: fruits, vegetables, green tea, olive oil, tuna just to name a few. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals necessary to keep you glowing.

If life is stressful, change perspectives!

The feeling of stress immediately makes anyone less attractive than he/she already is. Thus, learn to handle it well. Smile, take a break, and relax as needed. Do not add more pressure to your work by worrying yourself!

While it easier said than done, handling stress effectively reduces the risk of having unfavorable skin conditions, including and won’t be limited to, wrinkles, age spots, and other ugly lines.

If you are smoking, better stop!

Nicotine inhibits oxygen flow on your skin. Thus your skin tends to look duller and less flattering. It blocks the vitamins and necessary nutrients to make it glow.

Smoking also restricts the production and absorption of collagen. It produces a thicker than normal elastin, which are protein strands that give your skin quality and flexibility; thus, your skin tends to fold more and make wrinkles more visible.

Plus, that movement on your face whenever you puff your cigarettes also creases your face. So quit smoking, or reduce your daily stack count. It helps.

There are the four fixes you can easily do, anywhere, anytime you, please. Start doing them today and reap benefits of a healthier, more beautiful skin.

7 Healthy Food Substitutes

The food market today has substantially grown in terms of providing our tables with a huge selection of organics that bring us unique dishes and ingredients. However, most of us, subconsciously or effortlessly, tend to settle for common fast-served meals, sodium-rich processed food, and bagged treats.

In any case, boredom drives you to look for healthier yet scrumptious alternatives to your repetitive daily meals; I have prepared a food list you can consider getting any time.

Try to replace your common white bread with whole-grain bread

As obvious as it looks, whole-grain bread is filled with more vitamins, minerals and fiber content compared to its lighter skinned cousin. This is because when making brown bread, the actual whole grain itself, made up of germ, bran, and endosperms, are included in the process. White bread, on the other hand, only contains the endosperm making it less nutritious.

If you still prefer white bread, try considering going to some bakeshops who add raisins to whole grain bread making it sweet and healthier.

Moreover, you can trade your white rice to brown rice

Apart from being more fibrous than white rice, brown rice also has a higher dietary content. It contains a lower glycemic index, making it suitable for people with diabetes.

Brown rice helps you get a better sleep, control cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of memory loss.

Decrease your sodium intake from table salt and switch to spices and herbs instead

Although there is almost no substitute for table salt, and that distinguished taste it gives our taste buds, there are healthier alternatives you can use instead.  Red or white onions, crushed garlic, ginger, rosemary, thyme, white or black pepper, turmeric, chili, and paprika are just of some herbs and spices that can undoubtedly make your meals more flavorful and interesting, less the sodium.

Replace meat with vegetables

Eating sauced mushroom, flavored tofu and potatoes are just some tasty alternatives to meat.

Another popular option is tempeh. By adding some of the common herbs and spices mentioned above, tempeh can just be as mouthwatering as your regular burger patty or meatball. Soaked softened beans and mushroom too can also be used as replacements in soup dishes.

Reduce Fat From Ground Beef And Pork With Poultry Selections

The desire for meat can be inevitable. Try a healthier option by selecting breast or leg portions from white chicken or turkey meat.  Just remember to leave the skin out.

From Pasta to Veggie Strips and Calorie-Free Noodles

With a peeler on hand, squash and zucchini can be stripped to replace and resemble regular pasta. Moreover, if you still haven’t heard, there is a no – calorie and gluten-free substitute that can also be used. The Shirataki noodles use starch a healthier starch. This thin, gelatinous, and almost transparent noodle absorb flavor and are almost ready to serve once removed from the package.